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  1. EWOK! It's whats for dinner!

  2. Well then, we need to get your eviness some freaking moisturizer cream.

  3. What is up with my evilness? Well.... it's been a while since I had a date!!! Must be my wrinkly, pale, scared skin....

  4. what is up your evilness?

  5. Sorry for your loss. On the bright side you'll have her babies in the Spring.

    I got 3 ooths so far.

    Giants at Cowboys Monday night.

  6. My Religiosa laid another ooth yesterday! She is one egg-laying machine.

    49ers 1-5! They're coming around. Playoffs perhaps.........?

  7. GO BLU....... nevermind...

  8. ugh I don't even wanna talk about that game :( Stupid MSU

  9. Ugh.... What happened to Michigan?

  10. My Religiosa layed a huge ooth today! Thanks again for sending a male to help make her fertile! I should have babies in the Spring!

    49ers 0-5! Come on!

  11. Thanks! I didn't even notice....lol

  12. Congratulations on your 1000th offical post LG(Unicorn Mantis)!

  13. Are you looking for a certain kind of species of Mantis in AZ or just any kind of Mantis in AZ? I spent 2 months this Summer in Prescott, AZ and I know a great place in that area to look. Stagmomantis limbata hahn is a well established species in the Prescott area. They get about 3 inches long. Let me know if you are interested in this kind of Mantis and I'll tell you exactly were they are.

  14. Heading to the post office now I will hit your e-mail with some pics and a tracking number. He had plenty to drink this morning, ate 2 flies, one last night, one this morning, and I enclosed 2 flies with him for on-board snacks. Give me about 45 minutes......

  15. Just finishing up a few things, your male is having a snack, I should have him packaged up and at the post office in about an hour. I want to get him thoroughly misted down and fed first. I will send pics to your hotmail account.