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  1. hello sir intersted in buying 6 ghost nymps.Money order could be sent on wed.if that is ok also wondering what shipping would be to Wahoo Ne.Thank you for your time and will be looking forward to hear from you Thanks Loren

  2. hello sir would like one of those ghost ooths can send out money orer on wed.Do you think you'll still have one for sale by wed.Want one really bad also what would shiping be to Wahoo Ne.Tanks Loren

  3. I moved to wahoo ne but it's so dead here I may come back

  4. Hello Brian hope all is going well I was just wondering when I could expect my parcel no pressure just wondering

  5. Hi Brian just wondering what day you think I will recieve my parcel Will be sending you an order for Bluebottle pupae next tuesday thanks Loren

  6. Rick i learn so much from you .I hope you will accept my offer of friendship Loren cool avatar

  7. you seem like a cool and intersting person i exstend you my friendship loren

  8. Hello sir i'm still trying to find a friend that has a paypal acc.I can't have one because it's direct deposit disability acc.I think the woman who own's the home i live at may be able to help me.You have been so good to me I really apprciate.I got badly hurt last year and that's how i came to live here.I'll figure something out as i really love mantids Thanks Loren

  9. Hello, It is good to find another mantid collector in Nebraska!

  10. your words really brighted up my day today Thanks Loren

  11. hello sir how are you today,i forgot to ask about shipping to get a total price i put some of the money back this month,i'm pretty excited about this.theres a chance i may be able to order earlier,and got lots of FF cultures going and doing all the research i can.hope to hear from you soon. Loren

  12. i like; mantids of course,and raising bettas,plants, and martial arts