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  1. Happy Birthday! I hope it's a great one!

  2. Thanks everyone! I had a good birthday this year. :D

  3. I got my first Gongy yesterday. She's such a big sweetie! I just need to name her now.

  4. I'm so happy with my new little Chinese nymphs.

    1. patrickfraser


      Glad I could bring you some happiness. Good luck with the ooth.

    2. dgerndt


      Thank you! :)

  5. Ok, I forgot to tell you where i put it! It's in the Bad Molt under the Health issues. The little guy just seems so weak, though he eats daily. He stands up but his head hangs on the bottom of the container, and I have to wait to see if he's alive. I am wondering if it's too cool where I have him (our heat is down) but I used your suggestion from your List, and try to keep him u...

  6. AAAAAHHHH! I think I did it! I think i put a pict on with your very very good instructions!!! Did you ever think of being a 2nd grade teacher?? You did excellent with me!!! :)

  7. HI Deby. I am still trying to get a photo on this site... and I think my talents must lie elsewhere (though I have no idea where that is). I put it on Photobucket and now i go "duhhhhh.... now what?".

  8. Happy birthday!

  9. Happy birthday!!

  10. First Gambians to molt yesterday. One had a bad molt and didn't make it.

  11. Another Gambian died. I hope the rest make it.

    1. Colorcham427


      sorry to hear about that..

    2. Marianna


      Deby, I have been so self absorbed in my situation, that I have totally overlooked what you went thru!! Sorry! How did the rest come through?

    3. dgerndt


      Sadly, I only have one left. He/she is at L3 and lookin' good, though!

  12. First Gambian death. Poor little guy. :(