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  1. Question answered, thank you.
  2. Say a certain caresheet stated that a certain sp flourished with a certain husbandry factor, while from personal, I found them to flourish under a different husbandry factor...would this be appropriate comments? (If we raised that sp past a second gen with the different factors)
  3. aNisip

    M. Binotata

    congrats on the hacth! nice aliens you got there!
  4. aNisip

    Hi Question about DSLR

    But I just ordered a macro lens from photojojo for my Samsung Galaxy S3 ... it already takes good pictures without the lens, can't imagine with it!
  5. aNisip

    Hi Question about DSLR

    I was told Nikon is better, at least preffered...most of the forum members who shoot pro, like Tammy, use Nikon...
  6. aNisip

    Macro lens for phone?

    Thank you both for the input! So I will look into getting this then, thank you!... I found one cheaper on eBay; I think I'll go with that...
  7. So my Samsung already takes very good pictures...but wanted an actual camera for macro shots and such, but came across this: http://www.usbfever.com/index_eproduct_view.php?products_id=2859 ....is it worth it? Should I get it? Any better options? ....and I like the fact that it isn't the normal $500 like you would normally pay for a Nikon macro lens.. All the best, Andrew
  8. aNisip

    edward scissorhands id?

    stagmomantis sp maybe? where'd you get him?