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  1. Hi Deshawn,


    It's Jenny. I have adult female Thistle, Budwing (one leg is missing but good shape otherwise), Spiny, Mega (but her raptors are messed up from a brawl). I have males too of different soecies. I have to check to see who is available that isn't breeding.


    1. Jaywo


      And I have one recent adult Epaphrodita musarum male. My female died so he is just hanging out.

    2. DeShawn


      I will take the Thistle and Spiny.  Trying to get ones that are in perfect shape if possible.  Lots of pictures are taken of each species.  I am also interested in the Epap male.  How old is he?

    3. Jaywo


      The male is only 2 weeks adult. He is such a frightened little guy. I wonder if they are all like that. Spooks easy.

      I can send everything tomorrow so you can get it this week. How about either $80 for all three or a credit for trade later on. I don't need anything at the moment. Trying to raise my Idolos and Orchids.

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