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  1. Long time so see! I hope all is well. I haven't been on here in a long time and don't have any mantis at the moment. I was walking around yesterday and saw a vernal pool and remember you talking about them before I left. I started exploring the pool and seen a ton of fairy shrimp and salamander larvae. Didn't see much else but who knows whats in there. I remembered that you were looking for something that lives in the pools. What was it again?

  2. I think i will go ahead and order now

  3. Hi Trans-am, since you are unable to receive messages please let me know if you still have some idolos available,and what shipping will cost to 98363. Thanks... Michael

  4. Hi Trans-am, I tried to send you a message regarding the idolos you have for sale, but it turns out you are unable to receive anymore messages. I am super interested, thanks... Michael

  5. Hey, your inbox is full!

  6. Your inbox is full!

  7. I was the dude from the Pomona show, thank you for recommending this site man, pretty cool!

  8. Have we met before?