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  1. Happy Birthday Wolfie, hope you have a great day! :)

  2. MandellaMandy123


    Various mantids
  3. I'm back!

    1. MantidBro


      Welcome back! its been a while!

    2. MandellaMandy123


      Thanks. It's been too long!

  4. Happy birthday!!

  5. MandellaMandy123

    20140319 143929

    So fluffy!
  6. Spell check thinks that the word "mismolts" should be "seismologists". Really? LOL

  7. I've reached my quota of positive votes for the day. :( Guess I got a little carried away!

  8. MandellaMandy123

    Phoebe (P. paradoxa)

    Phoebe, my female Phyllocrania paradoxa. Formerly Ghost #1 :)
  9. MandellaMandy123

    Maeleachlainn - P. paradoxa

    Maeleachlainn (pronounced muh-LOCK-lann), my male Phyllocrania paradoxa. Formerly Ghost #11
  10. MandellaMandy123

    Melanie (P. paradoxa)

    Melanie, my female Phyllocrania paradoxa. Formerly Ghost #6.
  11. MandellaMandy123

    Ghost Number 7

    Will be named at a later instar.