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  1. Thank you for the beautiful baby mantids! They arrived safely and are growing fast already! The ghost is gorgeous :)

  2. All the babies have new homes now!

  3. All the babies have new homes now!

  4. Leaving for another camping trip thursday after work. I'll be back sunday :)

  5. 8 left, send me your zip code for shipping quote, otherwise they are free to good home :)

  6. 10 Mantis babies left, not including the ones I'm keeping to breed. They're free to good homes, just pay for shipping...& I have paypal to make it easy

  7. Back from camping! It was a fun and exhausting weekend. We took the boat out and caught a lot of fish. Threw a lot back too. I caught 4 wipers (kept 3), lots and lots of blue gill, several small channel cats, and we even caught a 23" walleye! My mantids did well while I was gone, and even got bigger! I think they're ready to ship out to new homes now :)

  8. Going camping for the weekend! I'll be back on the Forum on Monday :) Have a great weekend everyone!

    1. happy1892


      Have a good trip.

  9. Oh wow someone gave me a like! :) hehe

  10. I figured out how to post pics in the threads here. I added them to my intro topic. Still confused on how the Gallery works on here though.

  11. I have pics, but they're hard to see. I have one that is about an inch long now :)

  12. 2 from ooth #2 have succesfully molted! Now I just have to catch them to move them to the bigger enclosure...I'll post pics as soon as I have time! :D