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  1. It was a good morning in the mantis household! Iris ate her first real meal after molting which was a good sized dubia! She is a one armed wonder!😊 ButterRum-Verde also had a roach which I was surprised about. Her wings are in the prepuff stage and I guess only the mantis keepers of a long time would understand that idea, but I'm trying to fatten her up before she stops eating! Mocha demolished two flies today and it was so impressive! Haha! Love them!

  2. We have an adult Iris!! She's gorgeous! Pictures will come soon!

    1. Graceface


      Yay! So excited for you ❤️ Can't wait to see her! 

  3. I see a pumping abdomen! Iris will molt soon! :)

    Idk if it's just me, but my phone won't allow me to type 'molt' without trying to correct it to something else! 🙃🙃🙃 Every time...🙃

    1. hysteresis


      Molt .. USA

      Moult .. The rest of the anglophone world.

      Nonetheless, ive been typing molt. But... colour, harbour, labour...

  4. Proud to report that Mocha molted last and she is still, well mocha! Haha! Operation will she turn green is in effect! Iris has swollen wing buds so I know a molt is coming soon! ButterRum-Verde is living life eating flies and dubias! :)

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. hysteresis


      How does this work @Graceface? My nymph already has a lot of green. She may lose it?


    3. Graceface


      Well, she just molted, right @hysteresis? Color post molt takes a few days to sort itself out. Iris didn't turn green until L6. Bellatrix was green as of L4 and stayed that way all through her molts. It depends on a lot of factors, including genetics, humidity, temperature, and perch coloration. I would say if she is green now, she will probably stay green. 


    4. minomantis


      I agree with @Graceface! Remember ButterRum-Verde turned green a week after her molt but only after she was on a green perch and misted everyday multiple times a day. I think they change accordingly to what’s needed. When I got Iris, she was green but she has settled into a yellow green now. Many factors.

  5. Out of town for a couple days and left the ghosts on the house plant! They'll be fine! Might come back to three green ghosts! :)

  6. Found some of you on Instagram! If you have a mantis or animal account let me know! :)

    1. Graceface


      If you like cats, I have an account for my kitties as well as my mantises. They are @twocuteragdolls 😊❤️

    2. Synapze
    3. minomantis


      Found you already @Synapze lol

  7. Mama Hierodula is on her last stretch. :( She made her way to the ground and slowly making her way out. I pet her on the thorax and thanked her for being a good mantis friend and now I will allow nature to naturally take her away. Such a good little girlie! 

    1. Graceface


      Aww, so sad to lose a friend! She had a good life ❤️ 

    2. Prayingmantisqueen


      So sad! Auf wiedersien Mama Hirodula!

  8. Bought "Keeping the Praying Mantis" and excited for a relaxed Sunday evening!

    1. Graceface


      Great book! Enjoy! ❤️ 

    2. hysteresis


      I'm learning lots from that text.


  9. Mantids are doing well! ButterRum has eaten her second dubia. I'm gonna try to turn her into a roach girl for a little. (I have too many baby dubias) Mocha caught a dubia yesterday, ate half of it and then threw it. Maybe she doesn't like? Idk! Iris wants a dubia, but because of her one arm and the awesome grip powers of the dubia, she can't quite pull them off the branches. I'll stick to flies with her! :)

  10. Just as I suspected, ButterRum molted yesterday and she is now subadult! She's gorgeous! Now that Mocha has a perch, she's eating a lot more, pretty steadily now! Iris is just hanging out! I truly love the ghost mantis. They are such a relaxed mantis!

    1. Prayingmantisqueen
    2. Graceface


      Congrats on the molt! ❤️ 

  11. ButterRum has raised wing buds so I know her molt will happen soon. I'm hoping that when I come back from work, she will have molted, we'll see. Mama Hierodula mated again, but I don't think anything will come of it. I'm gonna put my male back in his enclosure because she keeps bringing all the boys to the yard (let me know if you sang the song haha). Have a good day everyone!

    1. Synapze


      Sang it about 2 days ago. 😂

  12. There are many days when humans suck and all I want to do is watch my mantids and feed my fish. 

    1. Graceface


      I feel this way most days

  13. Iris is just a monster! For having one foreleg, she destroys flies. It's very impressive! Butter Rum is still looking like she will molt soon so I'm just keeping her warm and the humidity high. Mocha is doing her own thing. Way behind her sisters, but it's her own journey and she's just taking it a little slower and that's ok! haha! Mama Hierodula is still calling and I just don't understand, but she knows what she wants. Just allowing her to enjoy her time on the Pothos plant! 

    Hope everyone is staying warm!☺️

    1. Graceface


      Iris definitely loves flies! She is slow to make her move sometimes, but she is a eating machine 😊

      Good luck on the molts! 

  14. Been a busy week for me so I've been letting the ghosts do their own thing.

    Iris, my green ghost packed away 4 bb flies all at her discretion. She might have a fifth if she's feeling it! Butter Rum, my Hazel ghost might molt soon! Watching her closely! Momma Hierodula hasn't laid an ooth yet, but she's just living her best life and that's ok! Mocha is acting a bit moody. Hasn't eaten in a little while(ok....quite literally as I am writing, she just caught a fly) she doesn't like to eat in her enclosure. She seems to need to be on a branch in order to feel comfortable to hunt. Hmm. 

    Other than that, all is well! :)

  15. I'm starting to think that I won't get an ooth from my female Hierodula. She seems to have slowed down significantly. I'm watching her day by day, but she's gracefully doing her own thing. She moves her abdomen in a way that she might lay and it would be cool to get an ooth from her, but her comfort is my main priority! She is beautiful!

    1. Prayingmantisqueen


      If you get one great! But if not, as you say, comfort is the best.