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  1. Just got home from a work party in Amherst, MA, needless to say it was a long night(2:30 am)! Just checked in on the mantids and The darker of the two ghosts molted. She's now the same size as the other! Sweet!

  2. Just went downstairs and my Peruvian Leaf mantis female is laying an ootheca! Cool! 

  3. Learning so much about the ghost mantis! Such an interesting species! Trying to raise the humidity and turn them green! 🙂

  4. I am very impressed that they can eat blue bottle flies! They're so small, but that doesn't stop them! Again, having a blast with them! 


  5. I'm am so excited that I am broadening my knowledge with different mantis species. On Friday(12/7/18) I received two female L4 Ghost mantids! One brown and one orange! Pretty excited!

  6. I'm so happy to announce that my female Hierodula maj, is finally able to mate with her boo! She's been an adult since mid July and she laid one infertile ooth. Every ooth now will be fertile! So happy and I got sent good footage and pictures!

  7. Male Peruvian leaf mantis passed away yesterday. Sad, but I am glad that he was able to fulfill his purpose of mating! Will also attempt to breed my Hierodulas tomorrow! 

    1. Prayingmantisqueen


      Awww thats too bad...

  8. I'm very happy to announce that my Pseudoxyops perpulchra (Peruvian Leaf mantis) pair are down stairs mating! I'm excited to work with this species again!

  9. So very excited to say that my male maj molted this morning to an adult successfully! I couldn't be happier! His color hasn't set, but assuming he will be a nice green like he was all before. Now my female maj can finally be mated! 

    1. Synapze


      Good luck! I hope you plan to sell some of the nymphs. I've been wanting this species for a while. 

  10. My male majuscula finally has swollen wing buds!! I say it’ll be at least a week before he molts though. His abdomen is so full and I think he will need time to digest and prepare. Pretty excited though!

  11. Went away for the weekend and came back to see that my male Peruvian leaf mantis molted!  Pretty pumped and he is beautiful!  Trying to load the female and she only seems to really want to eat flying insects.  I have to get her on dubias soon!

  12. My leaf mantis ate her first Dubia since molting. I always notice that right after a molt, I have to jumpstart my mantids feeding behavior with flies to get the hunting triggered again...interesting! Hope everyone is having a great Friday!

  13. So proud to say the my female Peruvian mantis molted to an adult this morning.  She was on a plant and I wasn't sure if her wings would properly open so I put her in a 32oz container with water and heat to raise the humidity and they opened nicely!  So happy everything worked out with her.  She's on a purple plant now before her colors settle in, hoping for a hint of something different. (one can wish right?☺️)  Have a great day everyone! 

    1. Synapze


      That's great news! I've never heard of the 32 oz humid/heated cup trick before. Great idea. 


    2. minomantis


      It was more of a panicked, quick thought kind of moment. Lol. It’s a little dry in the house because of the cold and the heat blazing and I honestly think she would’ve been fine but I didn’t want to take any chances. I completely saturated a paper towel, put it at the bottom and gently put her on a stick and put the container on the radiator to jumpstart the humidity raise. Worked like a charm!

    3. Synapze


      I had a Chinese with crumpled wings. I wish I had know this trick then. 

  14. Surprisingly enough, my Peruvian mantis hasn’t molted yet. You truly have to have patience when dealing with mantids! I have a good feeling with tonight. Her behavior changed and her abdomen is pumping. I’ll update you all in the morning!

  15. My male Hierodula maj molted last night to L7!  I plan on power feeding him some dubias and raising temps so hopefully we'll have an adult in a week and a half.  I'm only rushing because my female has been an adult since July.  Poor thing calls every night, little does she know her knight soon awaits her!  Still waiting for my Peru leaf mantis to molt, any day now! (Probably tonight!) HAPPY FRIDAY!!!