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    Anything dealing with nature I'm very interested in! I'm bit of a nature geek. I'm also a violinist so music, specifically classical music is very much in my life.

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  1. Been a busy week for me so I've been letting the ghosts do their own thing.

    Iris, my green ghost packed away 4 bb flies all at her discretion. She might have a fifth if she's feeling it! Butter Rum, my Hazel ghost might molt soon! Watching her closely! Momma Hierodula hasn't laid an ooth yet, but she's just living her best life and that's ok! Mocha is acting a bit moody. Hasn't eaten in a little while(ok....quite literally as I am writing, she just caught a fly) she doesn't like to eat in her enclosure. She seems to need to be on a branch in order to feel comfortable to hunt. Hmm. 

    Other than that, all is well! :)