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  1. Been a while since I've been around! Sorry about that. Been busy with other types of pets and haven't had many mantids for a while, just Tenodera sinensis. But I'm looking to get back into this hobby... What's everyone been up to?

  2. I've been so inactive! Sorry guys, it's because I am currently without mantids. Waiting on some oothecae to hatch, Tenodera sinensis, but that's about it haha. I've been quite preoccupied with my Brown Anoles as well. 

  3. I would be interested in buying the female Mantis religiosa you mentioned. Here is my E-mail: regirardet@gmail.com. I live in Louisville, Kentucky. Thank you. Roland Girardet

    1. MantidBro


      I'm sorry, I no longer have her.

  4. I would be interested in buying the female Mantis religiosa you mentionned. I live in louisville KY. Let me know how to proceed if insect available. Thank you. Roland Girardet


  5. Congrats on becoming a moderator, thats awesome!

  6. Welcome to the Green team bro! XD

  7. Haha! LAME's the one who made me a Forum Supporter! He's awesome x) Thanks dude!!

  8. I'm a Forum Supporter??

  9. MantidBro

    20160120 7456

    Which species is this, Empusa?
  10. MantidBro

    20160120 7433

  11. Waiting on these Idolos to breed!

  12. MantidBro

    Hierodula venosa

  13. MantidBro

    heterodox Is The wild cage

    He sure is! Thanks!
  14. MantidBro

    Idolomantis diabolica

    All my Idolomantis diabolica. Two I got here at L2 from Angelofdeathzz. One at L2 from Bartek. I bought an ootheca from someone off the site, which hatched 5 Idolos. 3 of which I kept, 2 of which I sent to LAME. 1 L4 male Idolo I bought from here from MikhailsDinos. And 7 I bought here from Exo, 5 of which I kept and 2 which I sent to LAME.
  15. MantidBro

    Baline's colors came in (adult female Idolo)

    Its drawer liner, it works well for idolo molts! My male molted all the way to adulthood with it. This female i used polyester cargo mesh for the last two molts. Thank you! they are very beautiful. Im thrilled to have adults at last. Big and colorful and such an interesting shape.