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  1. Movie Night

    I thought that was a tank!
  2. Delta's Outdoor Adventure!

    I love that face! I wish I could have met her.
  3. Mismolted Female Hierodula Majuscula

    She sad! I bet she's sweet though.
  4. Delta's Outdoor Adventure!!

    She is definitely having a great time! I can see it in her eyes.
  5. Happy Birthday, hope you have a great day! :)

  6. Wont eat her nymphs

    I love her! I dont care what the science people say, that is true motherly love!
  7. My beautiful girls

    My big Martha mating!
  8. Patty

    From the album My beautiful girls

    Patty trying to help me knit a hat on my loom!
  9. Marth

    From the album My beautiful girls

    Martha making babies with her man.
  10. atteva punctella moth

    I caught one of those in my light trap afew days ago.
  11. She's a beautiful chinese mantis.
  12. Kazimir

    What a sweet face !
  13. Ichabod is all growed up

  14. Judith on a flower

    She's having a good time!
  15. My big girl