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  1. I have 1 that matured 3 days ago and 1 that just matured last night.  I can drop them off to you tomorrow (I am going to be in Hawthorn Woods until about noon or so) or some other time as I live about 15-20 minutes away in Twin Lakes

      They are probably going to do me no good since my females are still a few molts away from maturity so you can have them for nothing just throw me some nymphs if you have any luck with them.

    I have a reptile show in Hawthorn Woods tomorrow morning.  I will check this before I leave at 8AM but I will bring the mantids along just in case you get this after that and want to arrange something.  If you do send me an email at sschind@frontier.com

  2. Hello Sally,

    I have a few adult male orchid mantises (Hymenopus coronatus). I would be willing to give you one for $15 plus an agreement to send me the second ooth from a successful pairing, or if she only makes one ooth, a percentage of nymphs from the hatch. Does that sound reasonable to you?

    Let me know if I can help!


  3. Happy Birthday!

  4. MG 2327

    This series of pics are awesome
  5. Empusa 1

    Great shot
  6. 1011364 10200337422507607 1383974425 N

    The hatching is always amazing to me
  7. Deirbhile

  8. Sub female

    She looks so calm...
  9. Kazimir

    Nice shot!
  10. beautiful sunday making nymph cups :)

  11. only a couple hours old

    I really love these....
  12. my little black unicorn ants

    Sooooo cute!!!