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  1. Mëluzynn

    Aluine's Diary -Tome 2

  2. Very very very angry against the Swiss Post !!! >__<

  3. Random Comment String!!! Comment 18 hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe!!!

  4. Mëluzynn

    Hi Question about DSLR

    I'm a Nikonist so I can't help...XD I use a Nikon D90 since 2008 and I'm really in love with it. But I agree with Tammy, lenses are quite expensive. Youhouhou, you got them
  5. Bronchitis >____<

    1. mantisloverguy6000


      omg bronchitis sucks!! i had it twice last year and the antibiotics gave me diahrrea :o

    2. Mëluzynn


      I don't have antibiotics for now, I try to do without, hope it works...

  6. Mëluzynn

    Aluine's Gourmet tests

    Some unusual food for mantids, I try, to see if she likes or not. It's quite a game.
  7. Mëluzynn

    Aluine's Exo-Terra

    Exo-Terra 30x30x30
  8. Mëluzynn

    Nikki Mantis 11 17 2012

    She's adorable Nice shot btw ^^
  9. Mëluzynn

    My big girl as big as my hand ^^

    Thanks, both of you I didn't thought she will be so big, she is really impressive ^^
  10. Mëluzynn

    Running on my arm to finally hit my face...

    It was the first time I touched her
  11. Mëluzynn

    Running on my arm to finally hit my face...

    In fact she was on my hand, she runs on my arm, jumped on my hairs and hit my face...lol It was at the end of the photo shooting, I think she was angry and I paid the bill ^^
  12. Mëluzynn

    Sitting on an orchid ^^

    She knows...lol
  13. Mëluzynn

    Aluine on a Cymbidium orchid

    First time I handled Aluine, she was stressed, I was stressed but I really want to shoot her on my fully flowering Cymbidium. Not sure she liked that... She hits me a few time and she's so fast when she moves, hard time for both of us...lol