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  1. Mantis Man13

    Gongylus gongylodes adult female & her L1 nymph

    It still amazes me how they go from that small to that big XD.
  2. Mantis Man13

    IMG 2914

    You should see my dead leaf camouflaging in that setup. XD
  3. Mantis Man13

    IMG 20150724 224133

    Do did the cricket have a nice home in your belt before it was eaten? XD
  4. Mantis Man13

    Cryptic Model

    cool pic! Did you make it yourself?
  5. My female Dead leaf mantis is an adult, got two L2 Orchids male and female.

  6. Mantis Man13

    My Dead Leaf Mantis

    My dead leaf mantis(deroplatys lobata) subadult and adult pictures.
  7. My Dead Leaf mantis,(Deroplatys Lobata) female is L8, subadult, and is one molt from adult and my Carolina female and male mated and layed an ooth and I let them go.

  8. My Dead Leaf mantis,(Deroplatys Lobata) female is L7, my Carolina mantis male is adult and my female Carolina mantis is adult. In two weeks I will mate them!

  9. My Dead Leaf mantis female is L6, my South Carolina male is one molt away from adult and my female is 2

    1. happy1892


      Keep the male cooler. But I would not try to keep the male in a refrigerator because it might kill him.

    2. Mantis Man13

      Mantis Man13

      I made a mistake my female was actually one molt away from adult, and they are both adults now. They will be mating in two weeks.

  10. My favorite mantis is the Giant African stick mantis

  11. My favorite mantis is now the orchid mantis

  12. My favorite mantis is Brunneria Borealis

    1. happy1892


      Mine is probably European Mantis or Statilia maculata.

    2. Mantis Man13