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  1. Avi

    Please let me know what you have left.  


  2. I am interested in your orchid mantis!

  3. Interested in your orchid if she is still available. My email is: chelsea.m.camarota@gmail.com

    I'm over in the Norcal Bay Area.

  4. I was unable to message you I am interested in the mantids you posted.  I'll take all 3 if they are still available.  




    zip 79410.

  5. I have two male mantids. Just molted again today (pretty certain they are L7's now). I would be willing to part with one of them. Know anyone who has an adult or subadult female (besides yourself)?

    IMG_4736 2.JPG

  6. You are such a wonderful member to do business with! Very kind and willing to educate a newbie as ourselves. Thank you Plaf94 you have made joining this forum even more FUN! We can't wait to see what other babies you have coming through the year(s)

  7. I'd love to purchse your L4 female orchid mantis. My female just passed away a month ago; I had her for over a year too. My area code is 93111 and I'm located in California. Let me know, my email is vektorfour@gmail.com

  8. I am interested in the sub adults are they make or female.

    My zip is 03253