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  1. hibiscusmile
    Hey its Jamie...I just wanted to say thankyou. I absolutely love my Mantis! They are the such awesome creatures.I will become a regular customer and cant wait for my next Mantis. If you have any suggestions on my next one, please let me know what you think.Untill then, take care. ~
  2. hibiscusmile
    Hi, I received my order of 4 Budwing Mantis nymphs today and couldn't be happier. They arrived very lively and one of them molted on the way! I also wanted to say thanks for the fly pupae that was included in the box with them. I just wanted to let you know that they made it, they're all set up in their new homes and looking good. I'll definitely be ordering from you again!Thanks for a great experience,Chris
  3. hibiscusmile
    Hi Rebecca, Just wanted to let you know that I received the little monsters. They are just too cute! I really didn't expect them to be so tiny but they are adorable. I can't tell you how excited my daughter will be when she sees them. Thank you so much! My buying experience from you has been phenomenal! Regards, Janet
  4. hibiscusmile
    I just wanted to say thank-you very much. The mantids arrived alive and well. The packing was awesome. And I was surprised that you sent me an extra mantis also that they were labeled male and female.
    One question, there was a small cup filled with small brown pupae, bigger than fruit flies. Are these blue bottle flies? Again, thank-you very much, you went above and beyond what I expected. Let me know when those orchids hatch
  5. hibiscusmile
    Hi Rebecca
    The order just arrived,
    As soon they arrived i fed them and all are eating
    Thanks for the extra 3 mantis
    You are the best, See you soon for another orders,
    thanks again
  6. hibiscusmile
    This is my third mantis purchase from you and I could not be happier. I got a ghost mantis and an awesome mystery mantis and both just enjoyed a housefly from the pupae you sent.
    Thanks a ton.
  7. hibiscusmile
    Hey you, I just want to say first off the box o mantis was awesome, I have never received such well packed and great looking mantis. Two of the mantis had molted on the trip with no problems what so ever. And all came out ready to eat and pose for pics of course. I have a female ghost mantis that chose a weird spot and mismolted,(im hand feeding but not sure she going to pull through) I’m looking for maybe l-4 ghost? Was wondering what age your 4@15 were? But anyway I do have a shopping list here for you….. lol I got the fever I’m afraid.. lol
  8. hibiscusmile
    Sorry about the late notice, we've had some internet issues here. Just wanted to let you know that the mantids arrived, safe and sound, and are eating and doing very well here. One of the little chaps molted earlier! <3 He looks so much bigger now, it's sort of amazing, really surprised me. Really enjoying them, I will definitely refer to you in the future should I get more of these guys.
    Thank you so much,Jorie
  9. hibiscusmile

    Thanks for the extra mystery mantis - It looks like a minerature scorpion or something. I have a question: I have a rather large all screen cage (for a butterfly or something) It looks like it would contain the mantis... Is there such a thing as too large of a cage? probably 2foot by 2foot but seems secure enough that the mantis should not escape.

    Thanks, Chad

  10. hibiscusmile
    This is my third mantis purchase from you and I could not be happier. I got a ghost mantis and an awesome mystery mantis and both just enjoyed a housefly from the pupae you sent.
    Thanks a ton.
  11. hibiscusmile
    3-9-11I got them! They were in good shape. The "Mystery Mantis" is fascinating - my students thought "he" was cute. I teach high school science. 2 of them molted this evening! Thanks! I recommended your site to several people today. Thanks again!Trish
  12. hibiscusmile
    Thanks for the quick response. Thats awesome. My curator ordered them and I really couldn"t tell what was what. They are in great shape. The mystery one has quite a "personality". One question....can they be housed together any longer?

  13. hibiscusmile
    To Rebecca, Thank you for your prompt and professional email and service! My husband if VERY Happy with the praymantis:)...It was his birthday present...He LOVES mantis's!...We received the mantis's today...and to our suprise there were 2!....Thank you again very much... Sincerely, Sarah F
  14. hibiscusmile
    Wow, absolutely incredible mantids...I can't tell you how happy I am! =) I love the asian mantis and its size, but what kind of mantis is that mystery mantis??? Its stunningly beautiful, extremely fast and alert, and voraciously hungry lol he is gorgeous!
    Thank you a million times over
  15. hibiscusmile
    Lot going on in Bugatorium today and this week! I am tired and tired of making containers! Had the B. medinca's hatch today along with the tendora species, and a lobata and some lineola along with creos, ants, chinese, miomantis, double sheild, sheild, violin, ghost, grass, boxers, camolelmantis, long neck, and I don't remember what else
  16. hibiscusmile
    Well, Hello..
    I just received two beautiful Giant Shield Mantis (thank you) – I actually thought they would be a little bit larger in size? I jumped the gun for food –we had a container of meal worms which are twice the size of my new pets. Now – I would like them to grow nice and big….in looking at your site – can you tell me exactly what I should be ordering for food for these guys? Your site has so many choices – not sure where to begin. What I would like to do is order some live fruit flies and be able to grow fruit flies.

    Any help with this is most appreciated and thank you for your service.
    I have shared your site with all my friends…..


    Hi Rebecca,
    The lil nymphs just arrived, and all are fine! They are lively and hopping all over. Going to transfer them to their homes in a bit as soon as I finish setting up the twigs.
    And wow, the mystery mantis?? Wasn't expecting that, though I did read about it on the site. Thank you very much. So, let me guess?? Is the mystery guest a Chinese mantid? Or, is it a mystery because we don't know what it is til it matures? LOL.
    Very exciting, they are too cool.
  17. hibiscusmile
    hey i'm doing pretty good i put them in my hand for the first time today and one jumped off my hand and onto my bed lol , i love them i really do , i can tell they love it here and i can tell they are comfortable with me living with them, how big are these ones going to get they are sooo cute! one of them only has 3 legs but it's doing good , is the bigger one a girl? they have been eating honey and drinking lots of water and i have no flies yet because im not near a store and i dont my licsence so i just cut up meal worms into bite size pieces and they love it , i also use my girl friends hair spray container and i cleaned it out so theres no residue in it , and i mist the cage and the mantis'es they love it , any other advice u think i need?.J.
  18. hibiscusmile
    awww its okay! i love these ones! we opened up the package and one of the mantises legs were broken =[ it doesnt have one the other has 4 legs though , i devided the thank i havent picked them up in my hands yet im kinda scared lol , but i have gave one both of them a tooth pick of honey on it and they love it ! is that okay? im assuming its okay because adult ones eat bees and bees carry honey , thank u so much i love them both! i hope to buy more from u soon!
  19. hibiscusmile
    Thank you very much, you are very kind! :-)
    Every year the kids in the 4-H club make a display case with insects in them and they show them in our county fair and get a ribbon based on their pinning method, their classification of the insects, and the overall look of the case. We have a meeting once a month where the kids can bring in their own insects that they find and they pin them and we discuss many different insect related topics. Every once in a while the key leader and I can find a nice person like you to make a donation for the kids. The exotic species really make the displays amazing!
    At the meeting this week when the kids display the mantids and tomorrow when the key leader and I display your mantids I'll take some pictures of how the pinning process is done along with some pics of the kids pinning the mantids. This summer when the cases are all finished I'll send you some pics of them too!
  20. hibiscusmile
    Isnt that something! He knows where the food it too, wow! wish I had a pic of him doin that!
    Yours Truly, Rebeccawww.mantisplace.com For really great bug stuff!

    Date: Friday, March 5, 2010, 11:16 AM
    Hi Rebecca - I am writing with a funny story. Seems that at least one of the mantids from the last ootheca is still going strong. We came in and looked in the lizard cage the other day, and there was one of the mantids - big, and strong - eating a cricket. When he was done - he crawled right out of the cage and up the shades! He is apparently still living and thriving. So that is 7 months and going strong! Hope this msg finds you well. Traci Tapehead