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  1. I am interested in the breeding program

    Please let me know the details


  2. dmina


    Ghost love to pose for a picture! Great shot!
  3. dmina

    5 14 2015

    love the look!
  4. dmina

    5 14 2015 3

    I think it's just happy to be out!
  5. dmina

    5 14 2015 2

    Don't look like anything is a bother...
  6. dmina

    4 9 2015 3

    Looks like walkin a tightrope
  7. dmina

    4 9 2015 2

    Cute... cute... cute!
  8. dmina

    Giant mantids

    OMG... ya'all need a life... LMAO... Too funny!
  9. dmina

    Delta's Outdoor Adventure!!

    Great pics she looks like she enjoyed the day out
  10. dmina

    Wahli L2 Nymph

    What a cutie! Great photo... She traveled well.. thank goodness..
  11. dmina

    Idolomantis after molting to L7

    congrats! beautiful
  12. dmina

    Can you find her?

    Good idea... lol
  13. dmina

    L5 Vates

  14. dmina

    Vates side view

    She is a cutie? are you going to breed her? this species is on my want list...
  15. dmina

    L5 Vates

    Who me?
  16. dmina

    L4 Vates

    mark, get set, go!
  17. dmina

    L4 Vates

    What is she eating? or smoking?..LOL
  18. dmina

    Can you find her?

    found her also...arms bent up! it took a minute...
  19. dmina

    Delta's "Play-Thing"

    He kinda likes wearing lipstick also! hehe
  20. dmina

    Delta's "Play-Thing"

    So is this the male?
  21. dmina

    Awaiting Arrival.

    Yes... She looks like she is looking for Mr. Right... to be delivered... Too cute..
  22. dmina


    So what is the plaything? Love her wings!
  23. dmina


    Wow..she is beautiful!
  24. dmina

    Hymenopus coronatus (3rd Instar Female)

    It looks like she has a crown on...LOL