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  1. Happy Birthday i hope you have a great day!

  2. Miomantis paykullii (Egyptian Pygmy Mantis)

    if you want more info pm me or ask me anywhere.
  3. Miomantis paykullii (Egyptian Pygmy Mantis)

    id never gave one of my mantises a spider cause im scared of it getting bit
  4. Miomantis paykullii (Egyptian Pygmy Mantis)

    nymphs dont need to be fully fed everyday you can skip and day and let them digest their food and then they'll love a cricket.
  5. Miomantis paykullii (Egyptian Pygmy Mantis)

    im not sure i wouldnt try it. maybe if the spider is really really small.
  6. Miomantis paykullii (Egyptian Pygmy Mantis)

    try feeding them in two days.
  7. Miomantis paykullii (Egyptian Pygmy Mantis)

    @Bdawg It’s easy to find food for your Egyptian Pygmy Mantis, as it eats almost all prey insects species that have the correct size. Fruitflies are favorite for Egyptian Pygmy Mantises of all sizes and ages. Adult Egyptian Pygmy Mantids can also eat small crickets, moths, green bottle flies and any other insect species that is around half the lenght of the mantis. -keepinginsects
  8. Miomantis paykullii (Egyptian Pygmy Mantis)

    Try fresh hatched crickets. Id pick up a few to test it out. But dont leave crickets in your mantises enclosure. Crickets are knowed to attack the mantis while its molting.