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  1. So um Mr mantis started occasionally rocking side to side like he's dancing what is he doing!? Is this normal?

  2. Me. Mantis has not wanted to eat in 2 days although I did get him to eat some honey yesterday. He did just molt yesterday so I assume that is the reason why 

  3. i woke ip this morning to find mister mantis molting again !! he is now in his 5th instar he has been growing so much i love it!! this would explain why he would not eat last night ... I have been looking to add a new addition to my room pets does anybody have any suggestions as well as sites where you can find your suggestion please and thanks 


  4. How do I keep my mealworms alive ? MR MANTIS JUST ATE HIS FIRST MEALWORMS!!! I tried multiple ways to feed him them (I put him in a deli cup with holes in the lid plus a coffee filter) they did not work so I thought hmmm maybe if I flip the cup upside down. So the worms would climb on the coffee filter and he likes to eat up there because he has good grip so I did and it worked they finally caught his attention and he ate them !!! I reccomend this method if you can't get any other way to work.

    1. Lalaland
    2. Lalaland


      Although not Cosbyart lol you probably have tried everything 

  5. Mr mantis has successfully finished his first molt! While I was sleeping lol I woke up to find he had a weird stringy thing close to him (I have baddd vision) I thought he had worms lol I'm so weird he actually molted!!!

    1. Zeppy44


      Aye. The first is real exciting. Wait till you get to watch one.   :eek:

    2. Lalaland


      I would sit there for hours just observing !!! @Zeppy44

  6. Update on my Chinese mantis tendora senisis. Mister mantis is doing quite well. I was holding him and he ate a fruit fly from me ! He has a pretty sweet crib (if it will let me upload a photo I will do so). He is pretty normal now. My room temps and his enclosure temps are very good! Hope  everyone is having a great day! I love it when I get feed back btw! It would not let me upload a photo :(

    1. Sarah K

      Sarah K

      Yay! Glad he is doing well! 


    2. Lalaland


      So am I !! I was so worried I had failed :/ but I didn't!! :) thanks! @Sarah K

  7. I'm using a space heater as well as a  humidifier for mister mantis he's a pretty tough little dude. I'm fairly certain he's male.

  8. Good news as of rn at least mister mantis is ok he hasn't ate any flies yet to my knowledge but he is and appears to be drinking or something from the water I sprayed

  9. I'm very distraught I got my mantids today and the female was dead and the other was very cool and not moving I don't like how they packaged them is this standard I bough a heat pack for them but obviously it wasn't the greatest I'm very upset I feel very bad.:( @CosbyArt 

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    2. Lalaland
    3. CosbyArt


      @Lalaland Sorry to hear that, I guess the seller does not offer a LAG (live arrival guarantee). The surviving nymph tarsi and antenna problems should clear up just fine on the next molt, or two depending how much time it last in it's current instar to repair the problems.

    4. Lalaland


      I hope so thanks for the help @CosbyArt

  10. my mantids should be here tomorrow I'm ecstatic !! I need to start running my humidifier. I plan on taking my mantis to school for a presentation after they have adjusted. I hope I got girls I love mantids with big bellies lol :P:P:P

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    2. Zeppy44


      Well this forum will sure cover 2 of them, Mantis and bugs.

    3. Lalaland


      True now I just need a forum for hauntings. 

    4. Lalaland
  11. My Chinese mantis ships today and I'm very nervous that I will not be an adequate care taker of him/her. My anxiety needs to take a hike.

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    2. Lalaland


      Thank you !! I'm glad you can relate it's relieving. I have had insects before but never a mantis. Thanks so much

      -lala :D 

    3. Zeppy44


      Just a different insect, much smarter than the others, LOL  :eek:

    4. Lalaland


      Hahaha they are so fascinating. They remind me of monks for some reason they just look wise lol.:lol:

  12. I cannot wait for the arrival of my mantis he's shipping tomorrow. I got some things in  preparation for his arrival. Although they said they send 2 in case 1 dies...is that normal?



    1. Lalaland


      @CosbyArt is that normal :/?

  13. I cannot wait for the arrival of my mantis he's shipping Tuesday. I need to get fake plants. I am going to name him Mister Holmes from Sherlock Holmes.