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Found 4 results

  1. MichiganMantisGuy14

    Violin Mantis Gongylus gongylodes Pumpkin Mantis

    From the album: Texas Unicorn Mantis / Phyllovates Chlorophaena

    This is one of my adult female violin mantis, Gongylus gongylodes on the pumpkin

    © MichiganMantisGuy©

  2. MichiganMantisGuy14

    Violin mantis / More Nymphs have Hatched!

    From the album: Gongylus gongylodes, Violin Mantis

    Indian Violin Mantis -Gongylus gongylodes; Today I had a hidden violin Ootheca hatch! Have my adult female violin Mantis that I mated loose walking around in my Mantis room, normally she lays her Ooths attached to a bunch of branches that are out in the open room, so I can harvest them when I see them. But this time she laid her Ooth down underneath the bottom of a shelf attached to a light timer that is actually very warm. It took me about two hours to collect 27 newly hatched nymphs that were scattered throughout the room... So now I have four different batches of violins, 1st are L4 now, 2nd are L3 3rd are L2 and now 4th batch today of L1s... Awesome! = )

    © ©MichiganMantisGuy / preyingmantisguy@gmail.com ©

  3. MichiganMantisGuy14

    Unexpected Violin hatching!¿

    From the album: Gongylus gongylodes, Violin Mantis

    So I had my 5-Ootheca of Violin Mantis in this container to store them until I was ready to incubate them; had them room at 70°F thinking it was cool enough to suspend them from hatching... But I was wrong! Came home and found that #two #three & #four Ooth all partially hatched!¿ My adult female Violin Princess Veolena laid 5 Ootheca in 8wks. So I had hatched, incubated the first one last month & got 13 nymphs; It was a very small Ooth. Then I stored in this container #s 2-3-4-5 Which all progressively got bigger as she laid them; #5 being the largest & the only one that didn't hatch Unexpectedly yet... Got a total of 25 nymphs Out of the three Ooths that partially hatched I can see on them all that about a third hatched out of each. Just wondering can I put the violin Ooth in the refrigerator like Chinese Mantis Oots to suppress it from hatching until I'm ready to incubated?¿...

    © ©MichiganMantisGuy / preyingmantisguy@gmail.com ©

  4. MichiganMantisGuy14

    Violin Ooth being laid

    From the album: Gongylus gongylodes, Violin Mantis

    This is princes Veolena my adult female Violin mantis, laying one of her many Ootheca.

    © © MichiganMantisGuy / preyingmantisguy@gmail.com / Terra Vasculum ©