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What site to upload images?

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What site does everyone use to upload images? I've got a photobucket but I hate the site, google photos is much easier to use but I'm having trouble uploading images from it to here.

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I'm in the same boat on that as Photobucket sucks with all their ads and slowness anymore making it nearly unusable. One such alternative was Pixabay, but they have disabled hotlinking to images so they will not show on a forum, so it's no longer usable. In that regard if you sign-up somewhere to upload photos be sure it says hotlinking is allowed to save you the time and hassle of another useless host.

Also another host, TinyPic, is actually part of Photobucket and has the same problems as the other.

A quick search turn up these alternatives, with ImageShack being recommended by many, and Imgur as well. The rest on the list are relative new comers so just look around and see which works for you.

The best option though is to of course pay for website hosting, with some starting at $5 a month. Although it is aimed at building websites, you can use your space however you want and would be better than anything else.

For now I have been using the free photo space here on the forum, and deleting older images as needed to make room for new ones. Not an ideal solution, but works fine as long as I'm deleting photos that are still useful.

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I HATE Photobucket too, it can barely run on my computer what with all those dang ads. <_< I have a Blog, that's where I put most of my photos, and then use the links from those to put pictures up on the forums. You could just set up a little blog just to dump your photos off, it's a really easy (and free) way to get pictures up on these forums. :)

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