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Working On It...A little bit...




I'm gonna actually start adding stuff to my blog now and then, perhaps regularily. I've been out of the mantis hobby for about half a year now. All my stock finished their lifespan early winter to early spring. I've just now started to restock. On that note, I have bought some nymphs from Rebecca (mantisplace) a widearm, shield, and several africans (centralis sp.). Not much to start out with, I really did want some more marbled mantids, but once I raise and breed these guys I can get some rarer species, now I'm just reaquainting myself with the hobby. :P

Once I find the USB cord to my camera, I'm going to try to figure out this whole picture posting business. I'm going to get some pictures of my set up. Until my mantids are larger however, there is no way I'm even gonna attempt a good pic with my 100 dollar digi. :rolleyes:



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