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O.K. I've finally got it!




I looked at Sparky's guide again, made myself an account, sat through minutes of uploading, and I think I'm finally ready to post my first picture! Here goes-

These are some of my supplies, bought almost entirely off mantisplace :rolleyes:


Did I do it? Yes I did!!!!! Wahoooooooooooooo!! Finally!

More supplies from mantisplace. If you're wondering about the ties, its because the cages are all in my room B)


Here's my make do aquarium. I never was able to do the good glasscutting that some of you in the forum are capable of, so I kinda made do. It has a entire portion of the glass cut out and replaced with mesh, it is divided by styrofoam and has moss on the bottom with bamboo skewers for climbing. It also has overhead lights and a hygrometer. It's not pretty, but it works very well


These are some plastic fish containers that I found at a deal at Pet co. I just net mesh over the top.


This is an old fish container that I converted, it's empty except for a hygrometer right now. Their are some flowers for decorating the container, some moss, a glue gun, and right out of frame are some dirty socks :D


The previous owners of these containers all died during late fall through early spring. I'm now restocking them and starting over, what I do every year (I definitely need to take time off, the responsibility kills me ;) )



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