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More mantids




Been a while since I've updated and a little bit has changed. First off, a somewhat embarrassing discovery, it turns out that it appears as the nymphs have grown, the species have changed on me :lol: I had a couple deaths due to late food arrival and have 4 mantids left.

1 adult female shield mantis

1 presub (?) male widearm.

1 presub female african

1 prepresub female african

They're doing fine now, being fed exclusively on lobster roaches. Unfortunately the die offs from lack of food mean I need to obtain a fresh adult male shield mantis in order to mate her. In a couple of weeks I guess I'll start looking around.



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:o:huh::lol::P !

Originally when they arrived the african and shield looked nearly exactly alike and were labeled as all shield so I assumed they were shields, even though that's not what I ordered. Looks like I got what I ordered however!

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That's funny, Asa... a similar thing happened to me! I had 2 Giant Shield

nymphs and 2 Giant Asian nymphs (from different orders, but roughly all

the same size at the same time). They each had their own container, and

they looked so much alike that I ended up not really knowing which was

which for a while. Luckily they've grown enough to easily tell them apart

now... although I only have 1 Shield left (other one died). Just thought it

was funny that the same thing happened with you... :lol:

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