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Y'know those Chinese mantids I caught last summer? Well it appears as though at least one of their oothecae is fertile. Came out of the shower to find them hatching...I actually didn't really want too many of them to hatch...but right now it doesn't look like there are gonna be more than 20 ( I intentionally didn't spray ). Gotta run up to the store to get some fruitflies I guess. My goal is to get 1/10th of whatever hatches to at least L5. From L5 on this species is more stable in their molting patterns. Hopefully I won't get too many unexplainable deaths...

Did I mention that I finally ordered a camera? Not capable of the macro shots some of you can get, but definitely good enough for me!



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So how many (approx) ended up hatching out of it? And not spray intentionally?

Why? You can always use the extras as free food! Congrats on the camera.... ;)

Will be expecting to see some pics when you get it, lol!

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Looks like 20 ish. I didn't spray intentionally just because I didn't want too many...and most of the time I forget anyway =P. I'll be posting at least some pics I'm sure!

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