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Some new pics




Admittedly, not too good, but I'm happy enough with them to post. It's just almost impossible to focus





I really only like the first one. I have found that it will be necessary for me to obtain a tripod :lol:



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I like that first one also, Asa. It'll take some practice, as with anything, to get the

most out of your new toy. Looks like you got a really good one for your budget.

It may not give quite as impressive results as some of the more expensive

cameras. But it obviously can take some pretty good pics, and do well for you

now. Most young people your age, not to mention lots of people in general,

don't have cameras this good. And with practice, you're going to get some great

shots of your mantids. Congrats!! All in all, I think you made a fine purchase,

and a very nice gift to yourself... and the kind that keeps on giving! Looking

forward to seeing the work you do with it! ;)

PS... You know how when you can't find something, and end up buying something

to replace it... the old one usually shows up right after. :huh: I wonder how long

it will take now for your old camera to appear! :lol:

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Thanks for the encouragement ^_^ And good point about the other camera lol, I'm sure it will show up soon.

I didn't mean to come across as though I didn't like the camera or that I was deprived in some way, :P I'm really enjoying the camera and realize that I'm a bit spoiled :lol: So no negatives here!

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Oh, no Asa... I didn't mean to imply you were coming across that way. :)

Just didn't want you to be discouraged or feel bad with what you

have if you compared it to what some of the others on the forum

have. Not everyone can afford thousands for camera and

accessories! ;) You did good!! :D

Edit: I keep going back and editing my comments so that the right

margin of the text isn't cut off. The signature graphic I made is

too long for blog posting spaces, and cuts off a section of the right

hand side of my post if I don't edit it. I need to remember to do it

before I submit the post! :P Oh well, at least I know what not to do

next time I make one! ;):lol:

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