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Female Luna Moth Makes Her Appearance




A female eclosed from the bunch of about 12 cocoons last night. :D There are 4 males who eclosed previously in with her, so she should have quite a good chance of finding a suitor! :P One of the males was right next to her last night. They were close enough to touch wings, but were not mating. Apparently I will know it when they start mating, as they remain connected for about 8 hours.

When I looked at her through the mesh cage, I thought she appeared to be a female by the less "bushy" antennae... but I wanted to make sure (plus, I wanted to take some pics if she was). So I reached in to get her, but when my hand brushed across the bottom back part of her wings, it was all wet. I thought she's peed on me, lol, and I drew my hand back... and there was a whitish-clear liquid on my hand. I wondered if she and the male had possibly mated, and this was his sperm that had leaked out onto the back of her wings. :rolleyes: It kind of shocked me at first, but it didn't gross me out or anything. I've since found from Andrew that the liquid released is just their waste from the past 3 weeks or so in pupation. ;) And apparently I should be expecting eggs within the next 3 days of a sucessful mating! Crossing my fingers for her... :)

Here are pics of her.



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