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Mantis Update x2




Well This morning I checked on my mantids like I always do, and sure enough like I expected Jackie the budwing molted to adult :D She is beautiful and crazy aggressive.... I love this species :lol: Problem is I have no male, so please (!) PM me if you have one ;)

Also 80% of the Gongylus have molted, with no mismolts so I must be doing something right B)

I have a Wahlbergii mid-molt to L4 (?) too.... im a bit nervous for her as she seems kind of caught, but im not going to interfere. Last time i did that it ended with a dead nymph :angry:

Pictures will follow today.

Oh and who ever is reading this, thank you so much! It seems I get less than 5 views every 5 days now, so i value every one of them now :rolleyes:



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