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All Grown Up




Siri's molted to adult about a week ago with no complications. (Well, one of his under wings is a little crumpled... don't know if this will prevent him from flying or not.) He's been very calm when I hold him: we haven't had any startled flights yet.


Last night, I got a break in homework and started modifying a Kritter Keeper for Siri's new home... I've got him in retooled Pub Mix bottle right now, with one side cut out and replaced with a screen for ventilation and hanging. It's a little tough to herd him out sometimes (mostly when he was a nymph; it's a bit easier now) so I got a Keeper and have started gluing window screen to the inside of the lid for better grip. Still debating about whether to glue it onto two sides as well, because it'll be a little less attractive that way. I've also decided for this new enclosure to not glue any plastic plants down: to instead just get weighted ones or vines with suction cups so that I can move things around...

With Siri making it to adulthood, I've been thinking more seriously about getting a couple more mantids. I was planning to go to a reptile expo down in Seattle this May, but that seems like it's falling through a bit. So I've been perusing online suppliers and ideally would like a ghost and a H. membranacea next... A ghost for its uniqueness (clearly one of the favorites on the forum, so there must be something to them! :lol: ) H. membranacea because I love the idea of a huge mantis! These are just thoughts at this point in time but I may act on them soon... Time will tell whether Siri acquires some (tasty looking) adopted siblings.


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