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Bugsey's life, Feb 15th, 2017




So today was the day, I finally got my Praying mantis. He's the most adorable baby praying mantis i have ever seen. I ended up naming him Bugsey. He's still quite skittish but I will work on that. It might take awhile but I am gonna do what i can to earn his trust.


He ended up making an escape route today, haha about gave me a heart attack, he jumped at me. I couldn't find him. Couldn't for half an hour. Then I took the towels down from the shower and gently shook it, out he came. He's such a good jumper. Lol. The way he looked at me I have never seen an Insect with such human emotion.


It's unreal.


I got him some fake flowers and a stick. Or i might find one outside for you. I don't know.


Well that's Bugsey's first day :).



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