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  2. Hi would be great for you to respond to me and not ignore me. I really don't want to have to go through all this. 

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  4. Hey MrGhostMantis,

    Thanks for the response on the Chinese mantis care sheet. In response to your suggestion of using a 32 oz deli cup: do I put substrate like a paper towel or moss, sand etc.? How would I properly ventilate it to both control humidity and keep prey inside?

    If the temperature where I keep it is hovering around 70 or even the high 60's would I need a heater? If so what do you use to heat the enclosure? I've heard both heat pad and lights.

    A lot of people talk about having a smaller enclosure for juveniles and then moving it to a larger one as it grows. Why not put it in a large enclosure now?

    I actually already ordered keeping the praying mantis!

    1. MrGhostMantis


      Not really a PM but it works 😅

      Paper towel and peat moss both work well, so does a square of 2 ply toilet paper. Never use sand or rocks, both can crush you mantis if the deli cup falls over. They also don’t hold humidity well. A mesh lid from Mantid Kingdom will work, just order cups from him. I’ll include a link right here.

      High 60’s and 70 should be OK, but your mantis will grow much, much slower. A heat lamp on a thermostat should work as long as it hovers around 80. Never use heat mats, they can short out and turn your mantis enclosure into a sauna. Also, mantids naturally go down to escape heat.

      You may not be able to find your mantis in a big enclosure, and they wouldn’t be able to find their food. If you want to see them, keep it small until the mantis is big.

      Nice! It’s a great book! It has so much info it’s insane.

      Any more questions @KyleB?

  5. I recommend just using a 32oz deli cup for a Sinensis until L6, then you can do a fancier enclosure. This species is really easy so don’t sweat it! Just watch out for over feeding. Maybe add a small fake plant to make the deli cup pretty as long as it doesn’t interfere with molting. They can climb plastic and glass pretty easily but if you are worried just add a sheet of shelf liner and they should be able to climb it just fine. Thermostats aren’t needed, as long as the temp is above 70 you should be good to go. Humidity isn’t really valid although it can help with molting,
  6. I appreciate the information in this care sheet. I am, however, a little frustrated by the lack of consistency that seems to come with mantis care. I read the book "Praying Mantis Ultimate Care Guide" by Thomas Green cover to cover and it has great general information and a lot of warnings about setting up a habitat, but nothing specific enough. I guess part of the problem is the habitat depends completely on the type of mantis you are getting. I am interested in becoming a mantis owner, but have never owned one. I would love some specific, step by step instructions on how to prepare an e
  7. Thank you! I have been looking all over for propper caresheets for this species! 😁
  8. Wow. I hit 1000 reputation points last night! 

    - MantisGirl13 

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    2. hysteresis


      It would seem, you are very reputable. ;)


    3. MantisGirl13


      Thanks guys!

      - MantisGirl13 

    4. Mantid-Tim


      Congrats, MantisGirl!

  9. Hiya, hope your good, some advice please. I bred my Orchid and she laid her ooth but her abdomen looked rather bloody and sore, after a few days she was so weak she was hardly moving and wouldnt eat anything. After about a week she died.I mated my first Hierodula and shes fine, ooth expected in about 5 days. I used the same male with another and she ate a Morio worm while he was doing his thing, when I went back in shed finished eating and was very restless with the male still on her so I threw another one down which she devoured, same thing, shed finished and was restless... Ride em cowboy.. she was walking round with him mounted so I gave her another. after that I tried to seperate the pair but he didnt want to part so I left them. in the morning he was nowhere to be seen but I found him above the curtains. Now shes hardly moving and looks ready to burst at this point Im not sure if she will make it. Question.. have I over fed her or am I doing something wrong here??? thanks

    1. Orchiddealer


      Are you gonna be selling your orchids when they hatch?

    2. Orchiddealer


      Also sorry to hear ab her I really hope she made it

  10. 424395653_StickSizeCheck.thumb.JPG.b119be7d3c818595794c211d177b657a.JPG

    1. MantisGirl13


      That's a BIG mantis!

      - MantisGirl13 

  11. Quality cut.jpg

    1. Foxhill


      3rd Generation attempt successful! :clap:

  12. Mmmmmm!

    Some Dutch treats from a mantis brother!

    Any of this look familiar to you, @Little Mantis😍


  13. Heterochaeta orientalis adult female, hope your all well, long time! Im still at it. Latest update my Malaysian Blue Hierodula nymphs I produced have made it to adult 3rd generation attempt today unsuccessful but no losses. Fertile Orchid Ooth in the House!  looks like the photo memory thing has been sorted out, may throw some more snaps down. Big up the forum.. Peace!


    mINT cream.JPG

  14. Today a Moorish gecko egg I have had for 2 months hatched! :D

    1. MantisMart


      Wow! Congrats!!

    2. MantisGirl13


      Awesome!! Pics?

      - MantisGirl13 

  15. Bought a Hestiasula ootheca from Ed and it arrived quickly and in good condition. Now to wait for the hatch!

  16. I have a Idolo L7 Female (last molt 3 weeks ago) for $60. + $40. USPS 2 day = $100.

  17. Mist twice a day up to L4, then once a day should be enough. Good ventilation is also key
  18. Lineola just molted today, overnight/early morning. Now an L6!

    1. MantisGirl13



      - MantisGirl13 

  19. Just a suggestion, though not sure if it's possible for the admins to do- making the care sheets alphabetized would help find people find what they're looking for a bit faster, instead of having the topics organized by date of creation. Just a little suggestion!
  20. I looked it up and it says medium humidity so make sure to not have too little or too much. In order to have medium humidity I would suggest instead of having a completely closed container with substrate to instead have mesh on top with substrate, therefore giving breathing space. Anyone, correct me if I am wrong.
  21. About what humidity specifically would you recommend?
  22. All this talk about Orchid mantids make me want to try raising them again!

    1. MantisGirl13


      You should!

      - MantisGirl13 

  23. I finally got permission to make an Instagram account for my macro photographs. I'm out of space on the forum to post pics, so if you want to check out my macro photos, my Instagram username is galaxymacros :)

    - MantisGirl13 

    1. Bentis


      Following!  I'm @jaxmantis.  🙂

  24. Nooooooo. Not for beginners. Beginners always overspray.
  25. I agree, but it's easier to under mist than over mist.
  26. Easy to hand feed. Easy keeping too, bc they dont want too much humidity. On the flip side though, beginners tend to overmist and that hurts them more than most.
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