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    What is the fastest breeding cockroach?

    I like the Red runners. I think they help in eliciting a better feeding reflex for some mantises. The Lobster roaches are flat to the ground and so I guess are not as eye catching to some species of mantises as the Red runners. Also, I like that the Red runners don't climb slick plastic or...
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    Helvia cardinalis

    Hello. Are your Helvia cardinalis still doing well with inbreeding?
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    All of a sudden, there it was

    Welcome to Mantidforum! I have raised D. tityus once.
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    Yen Saw - (US)

    I ordered some mantises from Yen Saw a few weeks ago. They all came healthy. They were sent by Priority mail, instead of Express mail, by mistake. Yen Saw apologized several times, and refunded the money paid for Express shipping. And he said he would send another package of mantises by...
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    Please help identify specie

    There is a Hierodula transcaucasica or tenuidentata near that area of Azov sea, if not there. There is also Statilia macualta that is invasive in southern Russia now, but your mantis is certainly not Statilia maculata.
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    Helvia cardinalis

    Okay!  Thank you for the reply.  That is very interesting about how long they have been inbred!
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    Hello!  I saw you posting scientific articles on insects I think. ( Is this you?)   I was excited to see that you were already doing such things!  Actually, the PVC pipes are easy to set-up.  Lifting the bee hive is the hard part... I get...
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    I sure will!  Thanks!
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    Mystymantis mantises

    Hello, Mystymantis.  I was asking because I didn't know whether mantises could be inbred without problems.  I am happy to find out that mantises can at least inbreed a certain amount.  It might be that insects do better than mammals do when inbred.  Thank you for the information Mystymantis and...
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    Fat Green Ground Mantis (Sphaeromantis) Tanzania

    I thought this fat green ground mantis (Sphaeromantis) from Tanzania was cool:
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    Website with photos of mantises from Brazil

    Okay, thanks MrGhostMantis!
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    Website with photos of mantises from Brazil

    Hello.  I just came across this website with photos of different species of mantises from Brazil: The cute Photina remind me of Cilnia humeralis (Photo...
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    Acromantis japonica (Japanese boxer mantis)

    "Development Rate of growth and factors involved: Even though they are a tropical species, room temperature of 72 F (22 C) degrees does not seem to slow their growth (5 months); however, higher temperatures will likely speed it up. " Hmmm... I don't think Acromantis japonica is...
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    lack of freeze, lack of synchrony?

    With my Carolina mantises that is normal that they hatch a little every day.  But all at once hatching like with Chinese mantises is weird for Carolina mantsies...  maybe you are right about the freezing temps cause all at once hatching.  Carolina mantises don't start hatching till May here in...
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    Hello agent A (Alex, mantisloverguy6000)!  Long time since I have been on mantidforum.  How are you?   I was thinking about using honeybees as feeders for mantises.  Honeybees have pollen in their guts I believe (I see yellow and orange in the guts of our squished bees). You can overwinter...