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    Waxworm pupa turning black?

    They do go from a pale cream color to a tan, darker tan, then even darker to a almost burnt color... But in my experience these are usually the wax worms purchased through a local pet store or the like that don't even spin silk. Once you start to successfully breed your own you will end up with...
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    Waxworm pupa turning black?

    If it's black, chances are it's probably dead... other than turning black they'll also go mushy-like and will have a bad oder. I've been breeding my own for months now for my beardies. ;) If you have dead worms just toss them out, they'll stink up your whole culture and will make you secound...
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    LAME's Collection Thread.

    04.02.17: I wanted to step in and let everyone here know that im still here, Ruin is still alive, and she's still at sub adult. She's now a year old I believe,  I'm going to have to go all the way through my thread to ensure that's indeed correct. But regardless, she's still at subadult. I'm...
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    The other addiction.

    03.26.17: Some updates.. First, big girl Valkyrie is just over one year and one month old and currently 17 inches long... And fat. <3 Second, I got a 3rd beardie. Unsexed and young, but i have a good feeling on it being male. Guesstimating only a few months old now (1-2m), it's a little...
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    The other addiction.

    It's been awhile since I've posted, I thought i would drop by and and show off my pretty girl. She's continuing to grow ever larger, she's now almost as long as my entire arm! I'll have to measure her out again. ....anyway, here's my precious.  "Awwwwwwwweeeee...." ;)  
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    My new addition

    Beautiful :D  
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    The other addiction.

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    (ISO): Male/ Idolomantis diabolica.

    I'm in desperate need of a male Idolomantis diabolica either older SUBADULT or FRESH ADULT. I am willing to pay completely in full or willing to make a breeders split on whatever is produced from my female. This will be my finale attempt at breeding this species (or any other...) for awhile.
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    Largest mantis?

    Idolo's are not the largest nor bulkiest, they're about the same as the Chinese mantis, but less bulky. Check out the giant shield mantis or mega mantis.... however both are rarely available.
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    DIY Large feeder culture container - waxworms and others

    For me i started by trying to separate the top layer from the cardboard, which ended up in tearing only little pieces off at a time. After ripping what I could off I simply inserted the pointed handle end into each "slot" in the cardboard middle layering. Using a small bit of force, I pushed the...
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    DIY Large feeder culture container - waxworms and others

    Lol ;) Nah, unnecessary bro. I ended up finding one of my small paint brushes that was surprisingly the same size as the slots in the cardboard, which made it alot easier. 
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    DIY Large feeder culture container - waxworms and others

    Right? Definitely. I'm actually about to upgrade mine into a bigger (, well... taller I should say) enclosure, and use the current bin for another feeders enclosure. How do you get your cardboard separated like that? Is there a magic trick to it? Yours looks so much nicer lol. I've tried...
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    Hey from PA!

    Welcome to the forum.
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    DIY Large feeder culture container - waxworms and others

    Oooooooh yeah, I have tons of babies and a handful or so that's growing like in that photo. I didn't even think I had that much as I only seen about 8 or 9 moths at first... but I guess it worked out lol :D   I have my culture sitting on a rack right above my heat vent (where I keep Ruin) so...