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    Hello from Buffalo

    welcome, :)
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    New here

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    Ghost Mantis and Dubia Roaches?

    If they have to eat, try hand feeding them. If a dubia is too big, cut it in half to give at least 2 of you ghosts something to eat. Did it before my vacation when I had to bring them to my mantis sitter
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    Hi hello

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    The mantis family 2021

    Consuela laid an ugly ooth but she was very hungry after it. I gave her a grasshopper and she grabbed it very fast en she is nomming now(y)
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    My Praying mantis butt has split open.

    That is the sad part of owning mantids. They don't live long. But we can enjoy their short lives
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    New to the group

    I did a lot of reading en watching vids about mantids before I bought one. it is because of the vids I saw, that i wanted to have one.
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    Hi Everyone! New here too

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    Doodles/Sketches/Art Thread

    I like those drawings
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    New to the group

    Welcome.:) This is a good place to find a lof of info about these beautiful insects. Do you have a mantis?
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    My Praying mantis butt has split open.

    Adult males eat not much, most females are walking stomachs on 6 legs but males eat not much, they can still fly, A female with a heavy abdomen can't fly. If he don't today offer the food next day,
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    Hi everyone!

    Think a bite from Atlas is painful:unsure:
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    Hi Everyone. New here

    You have nice pics of your mantids:love: