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    Hierodula majuscula L2 nymph - sexing attempt

    L2 nymphs are not old enough to be accurately sexed yet. Wait until L3 or L4. - MantisGirl13
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    How i pack my parcel

    Get heat packs meant for shipping reptiles. Insulate the box well and make sure the heat pack isn't too close to the mantis cups. - MantisGirl13
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    Hello from Pennsylvania!

    Awesome! I'm in Coatesville. - MantisGirl13
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    Hello from Pennsylvania!

    Welcome! I'm in PA as well. Where in the state are you? - MantisGirl13
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    Hello everyone! I'm downsizing my collection and I have a few mantids for sale. I have a presub female H. membranacea, two presub male Rhombodera sp. Thai, a group of 6 L3 unsexed budwings (P. affinis), and one L3 unsexed Sphodromantis viridis. Message me if interested!   - MantisGirl13...
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    Ooth on top of another ooth

    Ghosts like to do this for some reason! Lol. Wait for the top ooth to fully harden (a few days at least) then with some wiggling/fingernails you should be able to just pop it off.  - MantisGirl
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    Hello Everyone

    Welcome! - MantisGirl13
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    feeder help asap

    Houseflies? You don't have to feed them anything, just keep them in the fridge.  - MantisGirl13
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    feeder help asap

    Any luck yet?  - MantisGirl13
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    Mantids at Room Temp?

    Most species are perfectly fine at room temp. - MantisGirl13
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    Mating will not keep her from being oothbound. You'll have more luck finding a male if you post in the For Sale/Wanted section though.  - MantisGirl13
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    Look on higher surfaces and walls/ceilings. They won't hide in crevices. - MantisGirl13
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    Welcome! - MantisGirl13
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    Hi from the UK

    Welcome! - MantisGirl13
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    hello everyone!

    Welcome! We need more teens in this hobby! :) - MantisGirl13