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    Two oothecas!

    Yes. Depending on the species and health it'll probably make more. Which species?
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    New Member

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    Phyllocrania paradoxa communal molting

    It was indeed spam. I translated it as well and thought it was legit, so I let it through the spam filter. The forum was bombarded by spam within minutes. Most from previously banned IPs or banned users sharing the same IP address. 🙂
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    Password issue - resolved

    Выйдите из своей учетной записи, а затем используйте опцию «забыли пароль», чтобы изменить его. Тогда авторизуйтесь. :) Reset password: Logout of your account and then use the "forgot password" option to change it. Then log back in. :)
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    Can We Get Another Subforum??

    @agent A - I don't have the ability to set up subforums. Hopefully a mod who does will chime in.
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    Hi from england

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    Hello Everybody!

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    Wanted G. gongylodes

    Any instar Msg/text/email FL
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    Wanted adult male Pseudempusa pinnapavonis

    Msg/Text/Email FL
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    Leaving the hobby

    It's honestly our loss. Sorry it all ended this way. Take care and good luck with your research.
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    let's start a thread of mundane occurrences!

    @agent A What color was the sharpie?😂
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    Hi you all !

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    A concern about forum staffing

    The biggest problem with so many of the FB forums is that you have to join FB to use them. LOL. I don't use FB so I had to create a fake profile just to respond to an invite. The forum I joined shut down a few days later. 😀 Plus, you have to be careful when using using the words, buy or sell...
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    let's start a thread of mundane occurrences!

    We've seen a number of crested geckos as well, but they haven't overrun the place. I imagine they were released by the owners. They are quite beautiful. One of my friends had one at her office window, but I didn't want to ask her to catch it for me. 😀
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    let's start a thread of mundane occurrences!

    What species of beetles do you keep?