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  1. Can people who aren't moderators see your posts on the moderator forum on your activity page?

  2. Private message?


  3. Ten years of the forum Dec. 10, 2014

    1. CosbyArt


      Congratulations, that is quite a feat! Especially as many people abandon most hobbies themselves after a year or two - much less help others in the hobby for that period of time too. Well done sir!

  4. Are you a rodeo clown?

  5. Yep.

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    2. mantisloverguy6000
    3. Mantiskid


      helluva lot of ways to say that, no?

    4. Orin


      I'm betting somebody asked me a question and my answer was yes but the question was deleted by the original poster and now I'm just left with yep.

  6. What is that profile picture? A costume of some sort but what.

  7. My younger daughter has the same birthday, different year.

  8. Why do girls have so many friends?

    1. happy1892


      LOL! My sister does not have any friends in America. She is an anomaly.

  9. It's a windscorpion.

  10. Orin

    I don't understand Shorty's profile comment. What animal is it?

  11. You know that you aren't supposed to post for sale ads on other people's profiles, correct?

  12. super buggin

    1. mantisloverguy6000


      super buggin is right! i found another zelus nymph the other day and my mantises have a natural warriness of it, lol! :)

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