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    Raising Mantids, Drawing and working on a Criminal Law Degree in hopes of becoming a Police Officer in the next couple years.

    Classic Films (Gilda, Casablanca, Blackboard Jungle, Pocketful of Miracles, Experiment in Terror, Pre-1980's James Bond Films, Columbo, Airplane etc.)

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  1. Some pictures of Elaine after her molt.
  2. From what I read there are both Green and Orange/Gold Variants of the Giant Asian Mantis. The ones that were currently available at the time were Golden colored Mantids and they sent me two females. They're from the Hierodula family and they range from Greens to Browns to gold colors. Thank you for the comment!
  3. Just some pictures I've taken of Kiba after her last molt. Thankfully her bent antenna straightened out nicely!
  4. CollinR

    Ryna - Female Tenodera Sinesis

    Ryna is my first Praying Mantis. I believe that she's at L4 now! Like my other Mantids I try to get her out often to roam. Thankfully she is very timid and usually perches and just sits. Very proud of her because when I received her she was an L3 and she went through a successful molt to L4!
  5. Just some pictures of my pet Golden Giant Asian Praying Mantis Kiba. Her Instar at the moment is L3/L4. I try to get her out pretty often so she can walk around freely and climb where she pleases. Her right antenna unfortunately was bent when I received her. Here's hoping it straightens out following her next molt. I hope you all enjoy!
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