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  1. Little update!

    Julio is doing well and he is still shedding. Something I must get used to. I am so used to mantids doing all their molt in one time so it is different to wait weeks for a beardie molt to be done. One nice thing is I can still handle him during sheds (unlike mantids!). He is eating well and going bonkers over superworms and crickets. I think he gets more crickets at my house than he did at his previous home so now he is spoiled 😃😏 

    Still refining my parenting techniques, ha ha!



    Also the book is near completion for all you who contributed and those who didnt!! Just finding a few more pics so if any of you want to check out my topic on the book I could still use feeder pics and how to sex a male mantis pic.

    1. Little Mantis

      Little Mantis

      Can you show us a pic of the shedding of Julio?;)

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