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    Mantids. EVERYTHING MANTIS! Getting into spiders (Tarantulas, jumping spiders, etc.) and tree frogs. My church and youth group, math, science, etc. are also very important to me.

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  1. I love my parents. I was about to purchase 500 mealworms as feeders for my mantids and lizards, and when I asked my mom for her PayPal password so I could buy them, she looked at my dad and told me to look in the back of the fridge. Apperantly they had been planning to give me 200 mealworms for Christmas, but because I needed them, they gave them to me early. Lol

    A few years ago, I wouldn't have liked finding mealworms in my stocking, but now... lol

    - MantisGirl13 

    1. MrGhostMantis


      That is awesome! Exactly the opposite of what my parents would have done though xD.

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