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    Mantids (obviously) and just about all other interesting animals. I own an ever-growing menagerie of arthropods, reptiles, and frogs. I am a Christian and my church is a huge part of my life. I also love macro photography, sketching, and other arts. I love science and am going to be a medical scientist.

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  1. Four more reputation points and I have the most out of everyone on the forum! Wow. I spend too much time on here. XD

    - MantisGirl13 

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    2. MrGhostMantis


      It’s called persistence. I’m gonna have that much by next year lol if I’m still on here so much 😂 

    3. hysteresis


      @MantisGirl13 it's because you're here for everyone when they need help.


    4. MrGhostMantis


      I’m legit in a pm with her and we have 31 pages of it...we talk...a lot. She has answered all of my questions wonderfully. @MantisGirl13 never leave us or we will all be lost!

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