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    Mantids (obviously) and just about all other interesting animals. I own an ever-growing menagerie of arthropods, reptiles, and frogs. I am a Christian and my church is a huge part of my life. I also love macro photography, sketching, and other arts. I love science and am going to be a medical scientist.

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  1. The worst way to wake up on your birthday: (thinking) "I wonder if the twig mantids I was mating last night ever connected?" Waiting five minutes to get out of bed, look in the cage, and the male is headless and in the female's claws. :(

    I if I hadn't waited five minutes he would have been fine and I could have separated them right away. I don't even know if they connected, but they were mounted for at least 48 hours straight.

    - MantisGirl13 

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