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    Mantids (obviously) and just about all other interesting animals. I own a snake, two geckos, three anoles, a hisser, a tarantula, and my collection is ever-growing! I am a Christian and my church is a large part of my life. I also love macro photography, sketching, and other arts. I love science and am going to be a medical scientist.

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  1. I'm so excited! I just got accepted into the dual enrollment program at my local high school! This means that when I start my sophomore year of high school in the fall, I will also be doing work at Delaware County Community College, and I'll graduate with an associate's degree! 

    - MantisGirl13 

    1. Bentis


      We're all very proud of you!  😊

    2. MrGhostMantis


      Congrats Cora! You deserve it! :D

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