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  1. Hey guys! 

    Pls check out my updates on the book project!

  2. Well. I guess I didnt need to post that farwell update so quickly since I haven't "left" yet and probably will be in contact for a while! 

    I am saying a prayer for all of you trying to get some mantises bred and hatching ooths and all of that good stuff! 

    I dont know why I am even posting this other than I am so excited I finally am a Flower Mantis on my rank! I haven't checked in a while so I was super excited to see that 😆

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Graceface


      Congrats on the Flower Mantis status 😊👍❤️

    3. hysteresis


      Yes! Congratulations on your promotion! 🤪

    4. MantisGirl13


      Congrats on the promotion! I'm so glad you haven't left yet!

      - MantisGirl13

  3. Little update!

    Julio is doing well and he is still shedding. Something I must get used to. I am so used to mantids doing all their molt in one time so it is different to wait weeks for a beardie molt to be done. One nice thing is I can still handle him during sheds (unlike mantids!). He is eating well and going bonkers over superworms and crickets. I think he gets more crickets at my house than he did at his previous home so now he is spoiled 😃😏 

    Still refining my parenting techniques, ha ha!



    Also the book is near completion for all you who contributed and those who didnt!! Just finding a few more pics so if any of you want to check out my topic on the book I could still use feeder pics and how to sex a male mantis pic.

    1. hysteresis


      Tooooonight. 🤪👍

    2. Graceface


      I can try to get some blue bottle fly photos for you. I have pupae and actual flies, but no larvae

    3. Little Mantis

      Little Mantis

      Can you show us a pic of the shedding of Julio?;)

  4. Hey!

    Just found a great site called Rainbow Mealworms-

    They have an awesome selection of live feeders for a good price! I encourage you to check them out!

    Ps. Probably some of you already know about them but oh well :)

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    2. Prayingmantisqueen


      @Jaywo thanks for the advice! Good thing I am only interested in super worms and crickets rigrt now.

    3. Graceface


      Their superworms were great when I ordered from them. Haven't tried anything else, though! 

    4. cwebster


      Have been ordering from Rainbow Mealworms for years. They are the greatest for quality and customer service. Have ordered crickets, fruit flies, mealworms, waxworms, phoenix worms, fly spikes and dubia and red runner roaches from them. Also have ordered a feeder anole, vinegaroon and gecko as pets. They recently have begun selling various types of mantises as well. I recommend them without reservation. Have tried other places in the past but Rainbow Mealworms is superior. 

  5. Hello all, 

    This is my farewell update...

    I was so blessed to be a part of the mantids community and working with everyone I worked with. I am getting out of mantids for a while, do not mourn for me tho. Everything in life is a choice and a learning experience. God gives trials and blessings to try our character and fit us for Him. I had fun an I will have fun with the next critters too.

    Anyway, tschüss!! Bis später!!

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    2. Cole 78

      Cole 78

      Farewell! Thank you for the mantids! And thank you for being such a great member of this community! You have guided us all very much, thank you! 

    3. MantisGirl13


      I am so sorry you are leaving the Forum, @Prayingmantisqueen! You have become a good friend to me and I hope that we can still keep in touch via emails. You will be sorely missed on here! 

      I hope you will come back someday. 

      - MantisGirl13

    4. Prayingmantisqueen


      Yes, I will miss you all too. I may be back this summer if I decide to get mantids over summer. Thanks for all the fun topics and beautiful pictures for the book. I will come on to update about when the book will be done ans such and for anyone who wants to buy one (in a few months). Thanks again!

  6. Kermit, I cannot send you a PM!

    Is there a reason for this? I was just wondering about the H. Membracana nymphs you have.

  7. Little mantids doing great! Enjoying their new honeysuckle vine playground a bit. Still waiting for an ootheca from Sparkle.

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