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  1. Nymphs are coming out quite rapidly now after several early birds, First mistake Ive made, the mesh Ive used on my pots is too wide and wont keep the very small flies in DOH!,  still it keeps the mantis in so could be worse. Watching the nymphs hang down is a beautiful thing to observe. still struggling getting the heat up which is annoying... AGAIN. with 5 small heaters on, i might just have to buy an oil heater and have it on all the time its getting down to freezing here again in the UK which I find annoying. I will have to re decorate my spare room. Ive had a damp problem on one wall and ive had to clean mould off it recently. Its made it worse with the temperature and the misting with the creatures and so I will have to address the problem. Ive been living in a fish tank. Still, it will be nice when ive done it,   thanks gang Ill keep you updated!

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