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  1. Hiya, hope your good, some advice please. I bred my Orchid and she laid her ooth but her abdomen looked rather bloody and sore, after a few days she was so weak she was hardly moving and wouldnt eat anything. After about a week she died.I mated my first Hierodula and shes fine, ooth expected in about 5 days. I used the same male with another and she ate a Morio worm while he was doing his thing, when I went back in shed finished eating and was very restless with the male still on her so I threw another one down which she devoured, same thing, shed finished and was restless... Ride em cowboy.. she was walking round with him mounted so I gave her another. after that I tried to seperate the pair but he didnt want to part so I left them. in the morning he was nowhere to be seen but I found him above the curtains. Now shes hardly moving and looks ready to burst at this point Im not sure if she will make it. Question.. have I over fed her or am I doing something wrong here??? thanks

    1. Orchiddealer


      Are you gonna be selling your orchids when they hatch?

    2. Orchiddealer


      Also sorry to hear ab her I really hope she made it

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