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  1. I see one tiny black spiny baby. Shouldnt they all drop pretty much at once? 

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    2. hysteresis


      Haaaa im so confused now. I dont think our thoughts are synced up. The two ooths you sent are bleph and gongy. The bleph is still cooking. 

      My spiny has produced two oothecae and the first ooth is the one that dropped only one nymph. 

      That was yesterday. Is that all I can expect, or do spinys hatch across days. 

      And yeh, your gongy ooths are "the bomb". Lots of babies. TY. 

    3. Jaywo


      Ah yes, we were on different pages. I think the spinys can drop in a few days.

    4. hysteresis


      @Jaywo cool thanks. I took the lone 'scout' to its own cup for feeding. Maybe we'll have a few more drop. I'll look to the second, and any subsequent ooths for more babies though. I just wouldve expected way more on the first day. None yesterday. :)


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