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  1. I see one tiny black spiny baby. Shouldnt they all drop pretty much at once? 

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    2. Jaywo


      Could be a scout. The rest should drop soon. I'm so glad you got a good egg. Two of my new ones didn't hatch. I'm so confused.

    3. hysteresis


      Hey @Jaywo your gongy ooth dropped a good 30 nymphs. 

      Your bleph ooth is still cooking. 

      Hopefully poor incubation didn't kill my first spiny ooth. Presence of a nymph indicates mating was successful at least. We'll see. 

      I have another incubating, and spiny girl can drop a few more. 

      I have two idolo ooths, and a unicorn ooth coming. 

      Fun times 😱

    4. hysteresis


      I really need more gongy ooths. I'll be fighting off Canadian friends just to keep a half dozen nymphs for myself, to get my culture going.


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