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  1. I recommend just using a 32oz deli cup for a Sinensis until L6, then you can do a fancier enclosure. This species is really easy so don’t sweat it! Just watch out for over feeding. Maybe add a small fake plant to make the deli cup pretty as long as it doesn’t interfere with molting. They can climb plastic and glass pretty easily but if you are worried just add a sheet of shelf liner and they should be able to climb it just fine. Thermostats aren’t needed, as long as the temp is above 70 you should be good to go. Humidity isn’t really valid although it can help with molting,
  2. Today a Moorish gecko egg I have had for 2 months hatched! :D

    1. MantisMart


      Wow! Congrats!!

    2. MantisGirl13


      Awesome!! Pics?

      - MantisGirl13 

  3. Had a giant Asian molt last night! Good job Olive!

  4. I LOVE these guys! Any care tips/personal tweaks in info on them? I’m gonna ask my parents for a few new mantids for Christmas. Any ideas on what species I should get? I’m just asking around lol looking for good species to keep.
  5. I found this very helpful! Thanks for posting it!
  6. Awesome mantids! I need to expand my collection a bit more.
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